Stamina Inline Traction Machine – How is it Better?

Do you want to stretch out your spine without having to hang upside down? You can, with the Stamina Inline Traction Machine…

Stamina Inline Traction Machine

This unique spinal decompression device lets you comfortably stretch out your back and potentially get pain relief – without having to leave your house.

How is this At-Home Traction Device Different?

Woman Leaning into the Stamina Traction MachineInversion tables provide an affordable option for back traction at home. However, some people can’t hang upside down due to high blood pressure, limited mobility or other health reasons. Not to mention, some people simply don’t want to invert.

The Stamina InLine Traction Control System solves these issues. It allows users to gain the health benefits of traction while standing flat-footed on the ground.

What to Expect from a Traction Machine:

Although traction doesn’t work for everyone, some people report faster-than-expected pain relief due to disc decompression. With regular use, people can use a gentle traction device to stop pain and gain mobility.

Who Will See the Most Benefit? Typically, traction machines work better for people experiencing minor back discomfort. Specifically, this device targets mid to low back pain as well as sciatic or hip irritation.

Not only can you get a stretch through your back, hips and legs, but you may be able to re-align your spine. This helps build better posture which, consequently, can help prevent future back pain due to poor form.

Of course, dealing with chronic back pain is not fun. However, having an at-home traction machine makes recovery much easier. You don’t have to leave home, plus you can use it multiple times a day if you want.

Upright Traction Machine Features:

Inline Traction Machine Features

In addition, each section of the device has supportive cushioning. Not to mention, you can adjust the arm support, lap belt and incline angle to maximum comfort.

Therefore, you can decompress comfortably in a relaxed position. Plus, you don’t have to awkwardly get down on the floor or hang upside down.

By the way, this sturdy frame feels very secure and stable, which helps you relax even more.

How to Use the Stamina Traction Machine:

After adjusting the height, rollers and lap belt to the proper positions, simply lean forward into the device. You will feel a gentle stretch in your back, and some people even feel a stretch in their hamstrings.

Typically, people use the inline traction machine for just a few minutes at a time. Depending on your situation, you may want to stretch a few times a day or several times a week.

Specs for the Stamina Inline Traction Machine:

Stamina Inline Traction Table Without Inversion