Inversion Table Reviews – Which One is Best for You?

Inversion tables can look very similar, however, each model offers different benefits. (Plus, height and weight capacity differ.) Check out the inversion table reviews below before you buy. Therefore, you can get the best device and lowest price without wasting time…

Inversion Tables

Price Rating
Backrest Product Weight In-Use Dimensions Max User Weight Max User Height Special Features

Teeter FitSpine X1

Teeter Fitspine X1

$330-$340 4.7 FlexTech Bed with 8-point floating suspension 60 lbs 66″ Long
28.8″ Wide
20″ Deep
300 lbs 6’6″ Faster decompression in less time due to unique backrest design, acupressure nodules and lumbar bridge. Plus, this model costs less than the other FitSpine models.
See more on the Teeter FitSpine

Stamina Inline Inversion Chair

Stamina Inversion Chair with Adjustable Lap Belt

$320-$399 4.6 Cushioned seat, padded lumbar area & lap belt 62 lbs 44.5″ Long
23″ Wide
53″ Tall
250 6’6″ Inversion bench that starts from a seated position. Easier to get on and off of, but it doesn’t recline a full 180 degrees. See Inversion Chair Review

Teeter Decompression & Extension Machine

Teeter Decompression and Extension Machine

$499-$549 4.6 Padded Vinyl Seat 66 lbs 58″ Long
45″ Wide
28″ Tall
300 6’6″ Get decompression and extension benefits with putting pressure on your knees or ankles. You may also be able to get a deeper stretch due to the chair’s unique ergonomic design. See Decompression-Extension Machine Review

Stamina Inline Back Stretch Bench

Stamina Inline Back Stretcher-Traction Machine Without Inversion

$169-$250 3.9 Padded Vinyl Bench 21 lbs 72″ Long
25″ Wide
11″ Tall
250 6/6″ Stretch out your back at home without having to hang upside down. This back traction device allows you to lay comfortably flat while giving your back a gentle, relaxing stretch. See Back Stretch Bench Review

Innova Fitness ITX9600

Innova Fitness ITX9600 Inversion Table

$125-$135 4.6 Large, Comfortable Backrest Pad with Adjustable Headrest Pad 52 lbs 63″ Tall
46″ Long
28″ Wide
300 6’6″ Heavy duty, easy-to-use versatile inversion table with low price, no bells and whistles. See Innova ITX9600 Review

Innova Fitness ITM5900

Innova Fitness ITM5900 Inversion Table with Heat and Massage

$199-$220 4.5 Large, Contoured Backrest, Heat & Massage Pad, Lumbar Support & Adjustable Headrest 67 lbs 46″ Long
28″ Wide
300 6’6″ Heat, vibrating massage, extra lumbar support and upgraded contoured backrest. Minimal pressure ankle cuffs with easy in and out system. Instant inversion angle adjust. See Innova ITM5900 Review

Health Gear
with Massage & Heat

Health Gear Inversion Table with Massage and Heat Features

$199 4.4 3″ foam racing style backrest with therapeutic heat + massage 57 lbs 60″ Tall
50″ Long
27″ Wide
300 6’5″ Removable heat and massage pad for greater therapeutic impact. See Health Gear Review

Stamina Inline Traction Machine

Stamina Inline Traction Machine

$149-$169 4.2 Padded Vinyl Seat 30 lbs 34″ Long
23″ Wide
38″ Tall
250 n/a Stretch out your spine without having to hang upside down. Plus, it’s smaller, lighter weight and lower in price. See Inline Traction Machine Review

How to Compare Inversion Tables

Most inversion tables have a similar design. That said, you’ll notice that some also include a heat and vibration/massage cushion.

The models that come with extra features typically cost more. However, some people find that heat/massage really help to relieve tension and pain. Therefore, they find the extra cost to be worth the investment.

Note: An extra-comfortable backrest often motivates people to use the device more often, giving them faster results and a better overall value.

On the other hand, you may simply want a device that enables you hang upside down for a few minutes a day. In that case, a less expensive version, like the Innova Fitness may give you the tension and pain relief that you need. Plus, you can save money at the same time.

Like I mentioned above, most inversion therapy tables have the same basic structure. All models included in the chart above have a strong, sturdy frame with a simple no-fuss design.

About These Inversion Table Reviews:

This comparison chart offers a brief overview of the features and functions of each device. For a more in-depth evaluation of each product, click “See Complete Review” or each individual model.

Of course, the best inversion table for you will depend on your needs. I like to look at (1) the height and weight capacity, (2) the ankle cushion design and (3) features like acupressure nodes, lumbar support pillows and heat/vibration pads.

My Final Suggestions for Inversion Table Buyers:

When it comes down to it, the effectiveness of an inversion table really depends on how often you use it. It actually took me a while to get into the habit of using mine.

I suggest finding a spot where you enjoy inverting. For example, somewhere you can look out a window, listen to relaxing music or enjoy peace and quiet.

Then, schedule a time each day to hang upside down. I prefer the same time each morning because it makes the habit easier to stick to.

Sometimes I only use it for a couple of minutes at a time. My body just enjoys that little “time out”, you know?

I’ve found that inversion helps me relax and think better. In fact, I’ve solved many-a-problem while hanging upside down. I hope that you’ve found these inversion table reviews helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions!