High-Capacity Inversion Table for Tall People [350 lbs]

Do you want to start inversion therapy for back pain – but need a heavy duty machine? Harison makes a high-capacity inversion table for tall people with a weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Heavy Duty Inversion Table for Tall People

350-lb Capacity Table has Unique Design:

The extra wide and heavier design makes it feel extra stable and solid. In addition to its higher weight capacity, this anti-gravity bench comes with some special features too.

First of all, it has 4 fixed angle settings that let you set your inversion level to your particular needs. An easy-to-use control pin allows you adjust slant for inverted exercises or just partial inversion.

Therefore, you can gradually increase your reclining angle as you get started with inversion therapy. In fact, you may find plenty of back pain relief without ever having to invert to 180 degrees.

High Capacity Inversion Table with 4 Different Angles of Inversion

Note: The locking pin does not prevent the table from swinging back upright if you choose to perform ab crunches. Therefore, you’ll want to do abdominal exercises from a 180-degree inverted position.

Second, the memory foam backrest has a unique “3D” ridge-like design. As a result, it helps to release spinal pressure points and adjust to the shape of your back better.

Compared to a flat back pad, people find this upgraded design more comfortable and better at relieving tension. Not to mention, less slippery.

High Capacity Inversion Table with Memory Foam Cushion

Safety Features of the Harison Inversion Table:

On top of the heavy-duty steel frame and higher weight capacity, the Harison anti-gravity table has even more safety features.

Harison Inversion Ankle release HandleFor one, the device has a wider more stable design with no-slip feet built-into the base. Plus, it includes a safety belt that you can strap across your body as you lay on the device.

In addition, the ankle-holding release mechanism has a long handle. Therefore, you can release it without having to bend all the way down to your feet.

Furthermore, the adjustable ergonomic foot pads prevent pressure build-up in the ankles while you’re inverted. Consequently, you can invert for longer periods of time in comfort.

Inversion Table Folded Flat for Upright Compact StorageNote: Due to the triangular leg support design, you cannot fold this device flat for storage. If you want an inversion table that folds flat when not in use, Teeter FitSpine can accommodate users up to 6’6″ tall and 300 lbs.

Specs for the High Capacity Inversion Table for Tall People:

  • Dimensions: 75″ Tall x 28″ Wide x 55″ Deep
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • User Height Capacity: 4’8″ – 6’5″ Tall
  • Inversion Angle: (20°-180°)
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • 3D Memory Foam Backrest
  • Assembly Required (all tools included in package)
  • Brand: Harison Fitness
  • Phone: 336 942 0825
  • Get the Heavy-Duty Inversion Table Here

Review of the High-Capacity Inversion Table Features:

Below, the video demonstrates the design features of this heavy-duty machine.