Teeter Decompression and Extension Machine – Pros & Cons

What if you want to invert without hanging fully upside down? Teeter’s Decompression and Extension Machine lets you get the benefits of inversion without putting pressure on your knees or ankles.

Teeter Dex II Decompression and Extension MachineThis unique device differs from traditional inversion tables in that it lets you decompress the vertebrae in your spine without having to hang from your feet.

In addition, the 90-degree position can enable a greater stretch than laying flat on a bench.

How to Exercise on the Teeter Dex II Decompression Machine:

Similar to other inversion tables, this machine also lets you perform a variety of strength-building exercises. You can use it for multiple activities and therefore get more value for your money.

Note: For example, you can do back extensions to help strengthen your lower back. Many people who use inversion to relieve back pain also find that strengthening exercises also help to prevent future problems as well.

Not to mention, it can help tighten your core. On top of adding support to the vertebrae, a strong core can help improve posture and healthy movement throughout the day.

Some people even use the Dex II to perform reverse dips and push ups. You can also incorporate bands for full-body strength training – without having to buy lots of additional equipment.

How to Use the Decompression Extension Machine to Perform Tricep Dips and Other Exercises

Advantages of Using a Decompression-Extension Machine:

FDA Registered Medical Device for Inversion Therapy, Back Pain, Sciatica, etcEven if you don’t mind hanging from your feet or the pressure from the ankle cuffs on a regular inversion table, you might prefer a decompression machine better.

Get a Deeper Stretch

For instance, some users explain they experience better pain relief because the Dex II removes the lumbar curve from your lower spine as you lay on it. A flat bench does not do this.

This special ergonomic design helps separate the vertebrae more and reduce pressure on the nerves.

While “stretched out”, the discs can rehydrate, thus enabling them to self-repair. Simultaneously, you can relax tense muscles in the lower back and in turn boost flexibility.

Smaller Inversion Device is Easier to Store

Compared to a standard inversion bench system, this decompression-extension machine has a more compact size. This distinct design makes it easier to store and move, especially if you live in a small apartment.

Inversion Table Benefits Without Hanging Upside Down

The Teeter Dex II has a well-constructed design with a heavy duty steel frame and no-slip feet. The last thing you want when hanging upside down is to not feel secure, right? Teeter has you covered.

Disadvantages of the Teeter Dex II VS Inversion Tables:

Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table

1. The DEX II Can Cost More:

First of all, if you want to save money, you can buy a new Innova Fitness Inversion Table for about half the price.

That’s not say that the Dex II is expensive, because it costs about the same as the Teeter inversion table. However, you do have less expensive options.

Note: Some people have suggested using a hyperextension chair/bench instead because they cost much less. However, they can put pressure on your knees since you keep your legs straight on the device.

2. No Inverted Reverse Crunches

Second, you can’t do reverse crunches on the decompression and extension machine like you can when hanging upside down. Of course, if you just want to invert for pain relief, this may not matter to you.

3. No Knee or Ankle Decompression

Third, you don’t achieve a full-body stretch. In other words, hanging on an inversion bench allows your knees and ankles to decompress as well.

Having said that, many people choose the Dex II specifically so it won’t aggravate knees or ankles.

Teeter Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine Specs:

Teeter Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine

  • Dimensions: 58″ Tall x 45″ Deep x 28″ Wide
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Fits Users Between 4’8″ and 6’6″ Tall
  • Construction: Steel Tube, Powder-Coated Finish
  • Cushion Material: Padded Vinyl
  • Model #: Di-2000
  • Comes with 5-Year Warranty
  • Brand: Teeter, Phone: (800) 847-0143
  • Get the Teeter Dex II Here

Teeter Decompression Machine Summary:

In short, both inversion tables and decompression machines can provide effective pain relief for many people. Typically, people who opt for the Dex II have knee or foot injuries or limitations that make the alternative decompression device a better choice.