Inversion + Heat + Massage = Innova ITM4800

Innova ITM4800 Inversion Therapy Table

When I bought and started using my inversion table at home, I thought it was so cheap compared to the massage therapy and chiropractor appointments I had been paying for. The inversion table seemed like an extreme bargain, not to mention convenient!

That was even before I knew you could get a “therapeutic” table with heat and massage built into it. In fact, I don’t think many people know such a thing exists.

Is the Innova ITM4800 Worth the Price?

Heated Lumbar Pad on Innova ITM4800For the price, I think that the Innova Heat & Massage Inversion Table is a worthwhile piece of home therapy equipment, even if you don’t invert on a regular basis. I mean, a heated massage? Who doesn’t want one of those?

Here’s an interesting thing to note. Relax the Back says that even at 15% angle, people can experience enough of a gravity-induced stretch to relieve muscle tension and increase circulation.

In addition to being more comfortable, the Innova ITM4800 makes inversion more effective. It relaxes and heats the area of your body that you want to stretch out. According to, “heat therapy goes a step further and can provide both pain relief and healing benefits for many types of lower back pain”.

How About the Price of this Inversion Table?

And even though you get these extra bonus therapeutic features, the device doesn’t cost more than other inversion tables. It still costs less than $200. That part I actually find sort of strange, but I am not going to complain about it.

Keep in mind that this not your deluxe swanky $2,500 massage chair. Don’t expect that extreme level of massage or you’ll be disappointed.

However, getting isolated heat and vibration (as well as an adjustable lumbar pad) while you’re inverted is a definite bonus. You definitely get your money’s worth as compared to the regular version.

Some other cool features that I like (as if heat and massage wasn’t enough, right?):

  • Multiple massage settings
  • Large comfortable foam backrest
  • Head pillow (removable)

FYI: The Innova ITM4800 can accommodate people up to 6’6″ tall and 300 lbs.

It’s Also Easy to Store and Move

As with other inversion therapy tables, this one is easy to store and lightweight (57 lbs). The frame can fold for compact storage in a closet or along a wall.

Dimensions: 63″ tall x 46″ long x 28″ wide

Although it is easy to move, it feels very sturdy when you are on it. Innova added a pin locking system rather than the older strap system. People like this better, as it is much more convenient. Get more information here.