Inversion Table Power Tower – Pros & Cons

Inversion Table Power TowerWhen I saw this machine, I thought it was pretty cool.

It’s definitely not a Bowflex or complete home gym that are designed for a wide variety of different movements. However, if you want and inversion table that you can also use for basic strength-building exercises, the Conquer 6-in-1 Inversion Table Power Tower is worth a look.

The Pros:

1. Affordable Price
Besides the workout accessories, this is your basic inversion table without all the bells and whistles that can bring up the price. Because of this, you can get a decent multi-functional piece of equipment for a great price (around $200).

2. Compact Size
I like how you can do several different exercises at one “station”. You don’t have to buy multiple pieces of equipment, nor do you need a lot of space for your workout area. The approximate footprint of this inversion table is 44″ x 29″

3. Multi-Functional
There are 5 strength training functions plus inversion, for a total of 6. This machine is a bargain if you want to buy a pull-up bar or dip station, or you like doing hanging ab crunches. The Power Tower can do it all.

4. Convenience
The Inversion Table Power Tower is super convenient. It’s small enough that you can have it set up ready to go all the time. Alternatively, you can fold it virtually flat when not in use and store it in a closet. It only weighs 82 lbs.

The Cons:

1. Limited Exercises
Even though there are several advantages, this device mainly focuses on upper body movements, with some core exercises as well. There are no accessories for helping to strengthen quads, glutes, hamstrings or calves.

Upside Down Hamstring Curls on an Inversion Table
courtesy of

I take that back. There is a hamstring exercise that you can do on an inversion table, but it is not shown above. You can do it on any inversion table actually. Some people call it a “Reverse Squat”.Lay on the inversion bench partially inverted. While your legs are locked into the ankle brackets, bend your knees, pulling your butt closer to your feet. It’s not easy.

2. Body Weight Only Exercises
In addition, there are no resistance bands or weights on the device, so you are basically working out against your own body weight. That said, body weight exercises such as pull-ups and hanging dips are no easy feat.

3. Lower Weight Capacity
The max weight capacity is 220 lbs. This means that some big and tall people will not be able to use it, and you might even feel unstable on it if you are approaching that max weight.

In Summary…

For some people, the Power Tower will be a bargain, while for others it will be a waste of money. It really comes down to your personal goals, what you want to do on your machine and what equipment you may already have at home.