Portable Low Angle Inversion Table: How Does it Compare?

Do you need a way to do inversion therapy while you travel? This portable, low angle inversion table folds flat for easy transport. Plus, it works effectively to decompress the spine without requiring you to hang upside down.

Low Angle Inversion Table that Folds

Benefits of Low Angle Inversion Therapy:

This unique design also works well if you want to use inversion therapy while at work. Simply set up the device when you use it, then fold and store it for the rest of the day.

Laying down at an inverted angle can help to naturally align the spine while also boosting circulation. Therefore, people who sit at a desk all day sometimes find that “inversion breaks” may help reduce minor back pain.

Note: Even low angle inversion works surprisingly well for decompression. Plus, many people feel more comfortable and secure on this angled table as compared to hanging completely inverted 180 degrees.

In addition, some people use inversion therapy to release tension, feel more energized and have clearer thinking. This makes sense, since inversion stimulates blood flow.

Portable Low Angle Inversion Table for Easy Travel

How to Use Your Portable Inversion Table:

The manufacturer recommends starting out doing short sessions (2-3 minutes) each day. Practice this routine on a consistent basis; some people get a cumulative effect.

You may find over time that you experience multiple benefits. For example, less muscle tension, faster recovery after exercise, feeling more relaxed or improved posture.

On the other hand, you may experience none of these benefits. Every person gets different results from inversion, and most people don’t feel better right away.

That said, many of us don’t stretch on a regular basis, which can lead to tightness and soreness (especially if you have poor posture). Even something as simple as consistent stretching has shown to have numerous health benefits.

How to Fold Your Inversion Table Flat:

All you do is fold the table in half lengthwise, and the legs fold underneath. The process take under a minute. As you can see below, this inversion table folds flat to an easy-to-carry size. Plus, the entire device weighs less than 20 lbs.

Folding Inversion Table Folds Flat

Furthermore, it comes with a convenient carrying handle. Not only is it easy to lift and move, it also fits in the trunk or back seat of a car without taking up much space.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can slide this inversion table under a bed or sofa, or store it in a closet. Even if you don’t ever plan on traveling with your inversion table, this compact storage feature comes in really handy.

Vinyl Water Repellent Inversion Table Travel Case

Note: By they way, if you do travel frequently, you may want to get the Protective Travel Case.

The vinyl material repels water, and the case comes with a comfortable padded handle. Now, you won’t have to worry about dirt, scratches or scuff marks on the cushions.

Specs for the Portable Low Angle Inversion Table:

  • Dimensions: 72″ Long x 16.5 Wide (18″ Tall at High End)
  • Folded Size: 36″ Long x 16″ Wide x 5″ Deep
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
  • For People up to 6’7″ Tall
  • Inversion Angle: Approximately 13 Degrees
  • Color: Black
  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Made in USA
  • Manufacturer: Gravity Pal
  • Phone: 844-469-5188
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Portable Inversion Table