Inversion Table with… Heat and Massage?

Heat Vibration Cushion for Inversion TableIf someone were to offer you a massage or inversion table, you might opt for the massage.

However, if your inversion table was heated and offered you it’s own massage – at a fraction of the cost of visiting a masseuse, you might think again. All of the sudden, inversion therapy has become much more intriguing!

A heated inversion table with massage benefits can be a great reason to get out of bed in the morning – not to mention a nice way to relax before bed. And there’s no need to make an appointment – it’s ready when you are!

So what is this exactly?

This accessory is designed specifically for Teeter inversion tables and is a programmable vibration cushion with far infrared neck arch support. The heat combined with relaxing vibrations are key to helping sooth aching muscles and release tension that you may have in your back, shoulders or neck.

The cushion comes with a convenient remote control which allows you to select a target zone, the speed, the vibration intensity and optional heat. It basically attaches to the table frame with velcro straps – super easy.

Oftentimes, we can accumulate tension in our back over time and not even realize it until we feel a knot, stiffness or pain when we move. Using a vibrating cushion and combining it with warmth can help ease the pain we have already accumulated – but it can also act as a preventative measure so that we can avoid future aches and pains before they happen (and you don’t even have to be inverted to reap the benefits of heat and massage therapy!).

If you are an athlete…

Athletes can benefit from a vibration cushion because “pulse and vibration technology” has shown to improve blood circulation and temporarily reduce muscle pain. For runners or people involved in high impact sports, the inversion aspect simply increases the benefits by adding decompression to the therapy.

Keep in mind that if you are one of those busy people with little or not time to spare, inversion therapy (combined with heat and vibration) can be the perfect tool because it accomplishes multiple therapies in minimal time.

Help loosen up your muscles after a tough workout, release tension before bed to get a better night’s sleep, ease a stiff or achy back when you get out of the bed in the morning (that’s me!). Similar to meditation or stretching, there are numerous ways that heated vibration therapy can improve our lives, especially when used on a regular basis.

We usually don’t realize how vital relaxation and recovery is until we experience an injury or get older when we don’t recover as quickly as we used to – but we still want to be as active as we once were (I’m talking directly to myself here).

Check out the video below, which demonstrates how the vibration therapy cushion works (go to 1:15 on the video):

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