EZ Up Inversion Rack for Doorways [ Pros + Cons ]

EZ Up Inversion Rack that You Hang in Your Doorway at HomeDo you want an inversion system that is compact and doesn’t get in the way of other furniture in your house? Have you ever considered doorway inversion? You may like the EZ Up Inversion

Simply put, you can get a doorway hanging rack that you place above any door in your home and use that space to do your inversion exercises and stretching.

You can easily set up and install the equipment, plus the inversion rack takes up no floor space. In addition, it stays out of the way overhead. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to move it after each use.

The EZ UP Inversion Rack Easy Install:

Actually, you can install this inversion device in under 1 minute. In short, “quick-disconnect” locking brackets secure to your door frame. This special feature makes the job quick, easy and secure all at the same time.

These run about the same price as the lower-end inversion tables, so they are quite inexpensive. They are ideal for people who don’t have extra space in their homes for an entire inversion table or who don’t want to make space for another piece of exercise equipment.

What to Know Before You Buy an EZ Up Inversion Rack:

Before you buy one of these doorway inversion racks, you want to know a few things.

1. Check Your Door Frame for Strength

First of all, you need a strong door frame. You can easily test this using 2 people. Watch the video below. Homes built to code typically can handle the weight of this kind of system without a problem. However, you do want to check to be sure.

2. An Inversion Rack VS an Inversion Table

You need more upper body strength to use a doorway inversion rack VS a traditional inversion table. Instead of laying on the bench of an inversion table, you need to climb into the rack while inverted. Then, when you release yourself from the EZ Up, you will be in the upside-down position.

Therefore, if you have significant back pain, you may not be able to get yourself up into proper position. Not to mention, get out when you finish.

Who Should (Or Should Not) Get a Doorway Inversion Rack:

For this reason, I would only suggest a door frame inversion bar for certain people.

  • Those who have upper body strength.
  • People who can easily and confidently maneuver themselves into the upside down position without any pain.

If you have any doubts, check out the brief video below for user instructions. Essentially, the movement requires you to pull your legs into your chest and above your head. (Talk about gymnastics!)

In addition, this inversion equipment differs from a standard inversion table because the inversion bar boots detach from the bar itself. First, you attach these boots to you ankles. Then, you hook them onto the doorway bar once you invert yourself into an upside down position in the doorway.

EZ Up Inversion Rack Specs:

The EZ Up Inversion Rack can hold to 250 lbs, and the package contains both the rack and the boots. You don’t need to buy any additional equipment or have tools to secure the rack to the doorway. The kit comes with a DVD that explains different stretches and exercises that the user can do.

More EZ Up Inversion Rack Benefits:

Some people use these devices exclusively to strengthen their core by doing strenuous ab and back exercises. Hanging upside down increase the workload and therefore provides a tougher and more effective workout than simple laying on the floor doing crunches.

That’s right, you don’t have to have back problems to reap the benefits of this device. In fact, having a stronger core can often prevent painful back issues.

That said, being able to stretch and strengthen at the same time is one of the major reasons that people buy the EZ Up. This inversion rack offers a lot of value for the money, while taking up minimal space.