Easy Self-Acupressure for Back Pain

Acupressure Nodes for Inversion Tables to Relieve Back Pain

Acupressure Nodes for EP-60 Inversion Tables

If you an athlete, you do strenuous exercise regularly or you sit long hour behind a desk for work, you may be no stranger to sore or stained body parts – including your lower back.

I personally have spent plenty of time in the physical therapy office down the street and I have gotten massages on a regular basis. Some people use acupressure, hot tubs and massage chairs among other tactics to release stress that accumulates over time with prolonged sitting or years of running, weight training or participating in high-impact sports.

However, the cost of these therapies can add up, not to mention the time needed to schedule appointments into your week, transportation time, etc..

That’s why I like home-based therapies.

8 acupressure points for lower back pain
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Not only are they typically less costly, they are more convenient and can be accomplished in less time. Instead of scheduling one 1-hour massage session or acupressure appointment per week, a person can do similar therapy at home using special equipment – in short 10-minute sessions per day instead.

Have you tried acupressure for back pain – or trigger point massage therapy? These seemingly “simple” treatments can actually have amazing results as far as releasing tension and increasing mobility. I didn’t realize this until I tried it myself and was able to move my shoulders and arms much more freely within a matter of hours.

This alternative can help keep the body relaxed and the mind less stressed – which in turn can prevent build-up of tension throughout the week and keep your body more fluid and mobile. Of course, inversion therapy fits into this category, but a standard table doesn’t relieve tension in trigger points that people tend to get in their back, shoulders and neck.

That said, there are inversion tables that offer “acupressure nodes” or accessories to help in this department. You don’t have to buy an entirely new piece or equipment. Rather, you simply get an add-on accessory to your table that you can use at the same time you are inverted.


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Nodes can be adjusted to hit your particular trigger points, which can help alleviate tension as well as increasing circulation. Instead of paying for ongoing massage visits, you can give yourself relief – and spend less than $50 to do it.

They work similar to using a tennis ball or lacrosse ball to dig into your back either against the wall or on the floor. However, these nodes can be more effective due to their smaller size – and the fact that you can use them while in a reclined position, which allows you to relax more while using this therapy technique.

Save Yourself Some Money.

If you are one of those people who visits the masseuse on a weekly or monthly basis, you already know that this cost can add up quickly. Although stress relief is worthwhile from a health standpoint, especially as preventative maintenance to avoid larger and more costly health issues – a loss costly do-it-yourself alternative can be much more attractive to those who would rather spend their money on something else…

In addition to the nodes being adjustable, users can oscillate (rock up and down) over the nodes for a shiatsu-style massage. The set also comes with an assortment of noes with different size and denseness, thereby allowing for a very customized therapy session. That’s right – you are not the same as everyone else!