Hanging Crunches – Do Them on an Inversion Table

Inversion tables have another big advantage in that you can strengthen your core in addition to stretching out your back. Of course, a strong core can help prevent back pain and other movement-related injuries too.

Therefore, people can get back pain relief AND boost core strength to prevent future pain. You win, and then you win again.

How to Do Hanging Crunches Using an Inversion Table

Not to mention, you can work on those 6-pack abs and target those challenging lower abdominals. All without having to buy another piece of exercise equipment like a crunch machine or pull up bar.

Many inversion tables include information on exercises that you can do while hanging upside down. However, I thought I’d include some videos here so that you can see how to do them.

The following video demonstrates some great inverted exercises. They include hanging crunches, inverted squats, full sit-ups plus some rotational and traction stretches.

As the video mentions, you don’t have to hang completely upside down to get benefits from inversion tables. In fact, some people find pain relief starting at about 25 degrees.

Hanging Crunches:

Otherwise known as upside down sit ups or inverted crunches, hanging crunches can be quite challenging. In other words, don’t expect to complete one full sit up on your first try.

In addition, if you still feel back or neck pain, you may want to hold off on starting an exercise routine. Check with your physician, of course.

Also, review the risks and potential side effects of being inverted to make sure that this equipment will work for you.

Tip: When you start doing inverted crunches, begin at a reduced incline. Increase the angle as your abdominal muscles get stronger.

In addition, focus on slower time under tension movements rather than turning out more reps. Hanging upside down takes sit ups and crunches to a whole new level. =)

In addition to standard inverted sit ups, consider oblique crunches or weighted sit ups. These movements are definitely more intense than doing incline crunches on a gym machine, so expect to work up to a full sit-up over time.

Also, get ready to be sore! A little goes a long way with this type of exercise. Check out this ab routine below.

Another benefit of using an inversion table for this type of strength training is that your hanging position makes the exercises much more difficult. Therefore, you won’t have to perform as many to see (and feel!) results. This means you can get your ab workout done faster as well.

Inversion Table Sit-ups Instructions
courtesy of https://blog.teeter-inversion.com

More Benefits to Hanging Crunches:

1. Finish Your Workout Faster

Working out upside down is intense. Your abdominal muscles will tire faster than usual. Similar to a short burst HIIT routine, you can complete your workout sooner.

2. Strengthen More Abdominal Muscles

Hanging sit ups target both upper and lower abdominal muscles. In addition, you can do a more advanced ab workout where you incorporate a twisting movement to reach your side abs. Finally reach those love handles!

3. Strengthen Your Core While You Stretch Your Spine

Talk about a multi-tasking workout. Get 2 things done at once for a very efficient fitness routine.

You can conveniently move from one movement to the next without having to reset the machine or change equipment entirely. (This is a good reason to invest in a sturdy device that allows you to feel comfortable while moving). This is another cost benefit to these “therapy” tables – you can use them to get a great workout too!