5 Inversion Table Exercises

5 Inversion Table Exercises with Hanging Cat

Inversion Table Stretching Exercises

People can easily decompress and relax on an inversion table without performing any exercises. However, by incorporating simple movements, you can increase your stretch and the effectiveness of your inversion.

2 basic stretches that people like to do while inverted:

  1. Put your arms above your head (downward) and grab the legs of the table and pull to increase the traction. This can provide greater decompression in the spine.
  2. In the same position, grab on the table leg on one side, creating a slight twisting movement. This helps to release additional tension and open up circulation more than simply stretching out in a straight line.

Strengthening Exercises Using Inversion Tables

Sure, many people invest in inversion tables for stretching, traction and their back pain relief benefits. However, once you own one, you realize that they make great exercise equipment as well, especially for strengthening the abdominal muscles. (And who doesn’t need a stronger core, right?)

Losethebackpain.com says, “The best way to tell if you’re getting used to the inversion table is whether or not you can relax while you’re using it”.

Chart of Inversion Exercises
courtesy of https://energycenter.com

Inverted Crunches and Core Exercises:

You probably already now that inversion tables (and chairs for that matter) provide great workouts for strengthening abs – both upper and lower AND the obliques. However, these can be rather intimidating from the upside-down position.

As you might expect (or will find out once you try them for the first time), performing an upside down crunch is much more difficult than doing one while laying on your back with feet on the floor. The secret to successfully doing inverted crunches without getting burned out is to start with the bench at less of an angle, like 15 or 25 degrees rather than the full 180.

Of course, doing a sit-up with straight legs is a challenge in and of itself. You could even try this exercise laying flat at first and get sore abs.

Something you may not be aware of is that inverted crunches are significantly less stressful on the back. If you’ve had issues with sit ups in the past, try this out. InversionHelps.com reports that some users says that one inverted sit up gives them equivalent results as 10 regular sit ups!

Inverted Back Extensions

Another great core-strengthening routine is the hyper back extension. You’ve likely seen athletes do this at the gym on a machine with their abs facing down and arms crossed in front of the chest. What you may not have considered is that you can perform this exercise hanging upside down. Start by slightly arching your back.

How to Strengthen Your Hamstrings with Inverted Squats

Inverted squats are an effective way to strengthen your legs on an inversion table. That’s right, you can work more than just your core. Squats are perfect for building great glutes. However, when doing them inverted, we area also giving our hamstrings a workout at the same time.

My Thoughts on Inversion Table Exercises:

In my personal opinion, performing slow controlled movements instead of quick jerky exercises will end up giving you better results. Don’t be afraid to slow down and relax while exercising. Your inverted “strength-training” routine can be both effective and therapeutic.