Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table (vs Innova ITM4800)

Inversion Table with Massage and HeatWhen I first saw the Merax Inversion Table with heat and massage, I thought, “This looks just like the Innova ITM4800, but it costs $30 more”.

However, after doing some research, I realized that there is good reason for the price difference. Both units are not the same.

Actually, the more expensive $30 price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that the Merax is better than the Innova. It simply means it’s different. Let’s go over the differences, and why one might be better than the other for you.

Just so you know, both the Merax and Innova are almost identical in design, size and features. They can support the same amount of weight (300 lbs), they both feature heat and massage functions and have thick, padded backrests.

There are 3 main differences:

Merax VS Innova Inversion Tables

1. The Size of the Massage/Heat Pad

The Innova ITM4800 offers a lumbar support cushion that includes heat and massage in the lower back area. This is ideal for those who suffer from lower back pain and who want additional support/cushioning in that region.

The Merax, on the other hand, has a heat/massage pad that spans the entire length of the back. You get significantly more back coverage, and this model can be a better option for people who have mid to upper to lower back pain.

Headrest of the Merax Heated Massage Inversion Table2. The Shape of the Backrests

The Innova inversion table has a flat backrest with an elevated head cushion, whereas the Merax has raised sides (like a car seat). I prefer the shape of the Merax backrest, but again it comes down to personal preference for each person.

3. The Ankle Support Braces

The Innova comes with adjustable ankle braces, while the Merax has adjustable oversized foam rollers that fit around the ankles. One version is not necessarily better than the other, just a different style of ankle brace.

In short, both of these inversion tables provide a more comfortable and luxurious feel than many $100-$150 competitors. Their removable heating/massage pads are helpful for relieving muscle tension and soothing back pain. However, don’t expect a full-body massage!

People Use Heated Massage Inversion Tables to:

  • Stretch out and elongate the spine, increase flexibility and minimize pain
  • Relax tension in the muscles and therefore reduce pressure on the nerves around the spinal cord
  • Encourage blood flow to the back area and lessen stiff muscles

Merax Inversion Table Specs:

Heated Massage Inversion Table Side View

  • Dimensions (assembled): 59″ tall x 26″ wide x 47″ long
  • Product Weight: 63 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • High Density Foam Backrest
  • Inverting grips provide maximum stretching while inverting
  • Table Folds Flat for Storage