Sunny Health Back Stretcher Bench [ Inversion + Traction ]

Do you want a convenient at-home traction machine that lets you comfortably recline back without fully inverting? The Sunny Health Back Stretcher Bench lets you decompress your back, therefore gently alleviating back pain and tension.

Elevated Back Stretcher Bench with Recline

Get Multiple Back-Stretching Features in 1 Device:

In addition to the foam ankle braces, this device includes underarm foam stabilizers. So, you can release spinal pressure by laying slightly inverted. Plus, you get the additional back stretch from the traction feature.

In other words, you get the benefits of both an inversion table and a traction bench without having to purchase 2 devices. Not to mention, you don’t have to hang upside down, nor do you need to get down on the floor.

Back Stretcher Underarm Stabilizers

Note: And, having said all that, the Sunny Health Back Stretcher Bench costs no more than a standard inversion table. In my opinion, this device offers a great value for people who want that extra traction feature.

The Gentle Traction Bench is Great for Beginners:

If you are new to inversion or traction, this bench provides an easy introduction to back stretching at home. Many people use it to release tension in their backs as well as hips and legs for sciatica.

Back Stretcher Adjustable Incline Lever

For instance, it has a variety of different height and stretch settings. Therefore, you can ease yourself into a gentle stretch without feeling strain or pressure.

In addition, the sturdy steel bench frame has a comfortable padded backrest and cushioned ankle rollers. In other words, you feel securely supported on a foam platform to you can fully relax.

How to Use the Back Stretcher Bench in 4 Steps:

This simple back traction device doesn’t require much explanation. However, here are 4 simple steps on how to use it for gentle and effective decompression therapy at home.

1. First, adjust the height of the incline (as shown in the image above). This lets you change the angle of inversion to a level that is comfortable for you.

2. Second, sit on the bench and slide your ankle between the foam rollers. You can adjust these for a snug fit asl well.

3. Third, lay back onto the bench. You want to lift your arms over and around the foam rollers so that they fit in your armpits.

4. Fourth, relax and pull the right hand crank toward you as you want to increase the stretch. To release, simply push the crank back to its original position.

Sunny Health Back Stretcher Bench

Specs for the Sunny Health Back Stretcher Bench:

  • Dimensions: 20-31.5″ Tall x 66″ Long x 24″ Wide
  • Weight: Approximately 49 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • For People 5′ – 6’5″ Tall
  • Construction: Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • 3 Inversion settings
  • 3 length settings
  • Stretches up to 7 inches
  • Folds Flat for Easy Storage
  • Assembly Required (see user manual)
  • Model #: SF-BH6719
  • Manufacturer: Sunny Health & Fitness, Phone: 877-907-8669
  • Get the Back Stretcher Bench Here

Back Stretcher Bench Dimensions

Should You Buy the Invert Extend N Go Back Stretcher Bench?

Do you sit at a desk all day or drive a long commute to work? Many people live lifestyles that contribute to poor posture and don’t even know it. That is, until they start experiencing neck or lower back pain.

Many people use inversion tables and traction devices to release tension and pressure and thus minimize pain. In addition, this home therapy may prevent future back problems simply by helping prevent chronic poor posture.