Dr Berg Neck & Back Self Massage Tool – How Does it Work?

Do you want to relieve stress and tension in your back or neck without having to depend on someone else to massage you? Dr Berg’s unique Neck and Back Self Massage Tool can help!

Dr Berg Neck and Back Self Massage Tool

How Does the Self Massage Tool Work?

For instance, this simple gadget is designed to work like the hands of a chiropractor or a masseuse. The legs stimulate certain pressure points in your neck or back, yet you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

In other words, you can perform acupressure on yourself to release stress, tension and even pain. This device can even help to enhance sleep and give you a better night’s rest.

Simply lean back on a comfortable chair or lay down on a bed in a restful position. Dr Berg’s self massage tool works in a matter of minutes when placed in the right position.

What Body Areas Hold the Most Stress?

According to Dr Berg, the body holds the most stress in 7 key areas. In his step-by-step instruction guide, he explains where to place the massage tool to quickly relieve stress.

  1. Upper Neck PointsHow to Massage Neck Using Self Massaging Device
  2. Occipital Points
  3. Mid-Neck Points
  4. Lower Neck Points
  5. Mid-Back Points
  6. Collar Bone Points
  7. Abdominal Fascia Points

Similar to inversion tables, self-massage tools offer an easy, effective way relieve stress and tension yourself. Not only can you save time and money, but they are convenient to use as well.

Below, Dr Berg explains how this multi-functional tool works – and how to use it to achieve the best results. You can even travel with it, so it’s ultra convenient.

Notice how the legs on this tripod-shaped device have varying widths. Therefore, you can use the one tool to access multiple trigger points at once. Plus people of different sizes can also use the same massager.

How to Sleep Better at Night by Doing Self-Massage:

Massage Tool Instruction Manual and User GuideLet’s look at improving sleep, for example. First, place the device on the back of your neck right underneath your skull. Position the tripod where the pressure feels comfortable, lean your head back and let gravity work for you.

If placed properly, it will take only 1 to 2 minutes for your spine to completely relax. Then, you will be ready to fall sleep. (See details on page 12 of this PDF.)

Use this technique nightly on a regular basis, and you may be able to normalize your sleep cycles. In turn, better sleep can lead to less stress and better health overall.

Specs for Dr Berg’s Neck and Back Self Massage Tool: