Heat & Massage Inverted Back Stretcher: is it Worth Trying?

Heat and Massage Inverted Back StretcherDo you want a way to release tension and stretch out your back at home – that provides more relief than basic inversion? The Exerpeutic Inverted Back Stretcher has a built-in heat and massage pad that gives you an extra level of therapy.

How to Get a Better Back Stretch at Home:

Now, you don’t have to buy an expensive massage chair or try to attach a heating pad to your inversion bench. This backrest includes both heat and vibration to help you get a better stretch.

Inversion Bench with Heat and Massage Built-inUnlike standard inversion tables, the Exerpeutic inversion bench offers heat and massage. You pay little more for this upgrade, but the warmth and vibration help some people release more back tension.

As a result, you may be able to achieve a more intense and effective stretch. Not to mention, an upside down back massage is very relaxing.

By the way, you can adjust the heat level and vibration intensity to your preference. Therefore, you can start with a gentle massage and then increase the strength as you feel comfortable.

Contoured Backrest Gets Heat & Massage to the Right Spots

Ergonomic Backrest on Exerpeutic Inversion BenchIn addition to heat and massage, the backrest has a comfortable ergonomic design. If you have shopped around for inversion tables, you already know that standard benches have a flat design.

Of course, ergonomically-designed backrests will contour to your back better. Plus, this bench is 3 inches thick, offering more cushioning for further relaxation.

Relax More for Better Tension Release:

Secure Padded Adjustable Foot Cuffs on Exerpeutic Inverted Back Stretching BenchAnd if you weren’t relaxed enough, Exerpeutic added some safety lock padded foot cuffs. Therefore, you feel more secure without feeling pulled at your ankles.

I have hung upside down on cheap inversion tables that actually feel quite comfortable. Except for the uncomfortable pulling sensation on my ankles, that is. Consequently, I couldn’t invert as long (nor was it very relaxing).

Do Inverted Back Stretchers Work? The Pros & Cons:

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Inversion therapy doesn’t provide lasting relief from back pain, and it’s not safe for everyone. Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down, and the head-down position could be risky for anyone with high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma.”

If the risks outweigh the benefits in your case, you may want to check out back stretcher devices that don’t require you to hang upside own. You can find them for about $20, so they don’t cost much money.

Lay on the floor, or you can even use them on your office chair at work. It’s an affordable way to find out if back stretchers are worth the investment, plus you don’t need to hang upside down.

If you like this concept and want to add heat and massage, simply get a heat and massage pad separately.

Specs for the Exerpeutic Inverted Back Stretcher: