Can an Exercise Ball Chair Work for Back Pain?

Did you ever guess that a simple, inexpensive ball could help relieve back pain? People have discovered that it can, plus and Exercise Ball Chair can work even better. Here’s why…

Using an Exercise Ball Chair to Relieve Back Pain

The Problem with Sitting at a Desk…

These days, lots of people work at desks – sitting in a single position all day long. Poorly-designed furniture combined with computer screens that are too low can lead to hunching over and bad posture which, over time, can result in neck strain and lower back pain that doesn’t go away.

Not only that, but when our backs ache, it can be difficult to exercise, perform routine activities and even sleep. This situation can lead to a downward spiral because sleep can help our bodies heal and exercise can enable us to strengthen the exact muscles that can help prevent poor posture and back pain in the first place.

How an Exercise Ball Chair Can Help Reduce Back Pain

For many years, people have used fitness balls as a stretching, toning and workout tool. Specifically, it works especially well at strengthening one’s core. Even LiveSmartDaily likes balance ball chairs for the office.

Some people call them yoga balls, balance balls or stability balls since you can incorporate them into a yoga routine through various poses. In addition, they require a person to balance and stabilize the body in order to perform the movements.

More recently, people have started to sit on these fitness balls while working at a desk or table. Similar to using one for exercise, these balls require balance to simply sit on.

What ends up happening is that a person will automatically tighten his or her core and sit upright just to balance while sitting. You don’t even have to think about it.

Engaging one’s core relieves some people’s chronic back pain. Stronger abdominal muscles can help support the upper body and therefore release the extra strain due to poor posture.

Now, not everyone’s lower back pain and neck tension can be healed with this simple technique. However, many desk workers often get surprised at how much this simple change can help.

Exercise Ball Chair Health Benefits

Let’s face it, balance balls cost very little. However, they can work very effectively for relieving back pain due to “less-than-ideal” ergonomic sitting conditions. That said, the Gaiam Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair takes this concept to a whole new (and better) level.

Custom Fit Gaiam Ball Chair

1. Your Exercise Ball Chair Now Comes with a Back

First of all, you’ll notice that the ball “sits” in a chair frame that has a seat back. Plus, it comes with wheels that let you easily roll the chair anywhere in the room.

The back gives people additional support if they need it. In addition, the rolling frame allows users to move the chair without compromising their optimally-aligned seated position.

2. You Can Adjust the Height of Your Ball Chair

Did you notice that you can adjust the height of the chair legs? That’s right, you have an adjustable height exercise ball chair here. Therefore, you can adjust your seat higher or lower depending on your body size and the height of your workstation. You can move the seat back as well for a more comfortable sitting position.

This factor counts because, as I mentioned before, a poorly-design desk or work space can be the culprit of hunching. I mean, who wants poor posture and a back that hurts, right? Properly align your seat with your desk and your computer screen, and you’ve already won half the battle.

So, throughout the workday, not only can you prevent yourself from hunching over your desk and developing poor posture, your exercise ball chair helps to strengthen your core.

Now you can prevent future health problems due to all-day sitting. You’re killing 10 birds with one exercise ball, but it doesn’t stop there.

Burn More Calories with an Exercise Ball Chair Workout

Ergonomic furniture is great, but very few products can turn themselves into a piece of exercise equipment when you are done sitting in them. Just take the ball out of the frame and use it for a full workout routine.

Whether you want to stretch, tighten your core, perform yoga poses, build muscle or do a cardio workout, a fitness ball can help you do all of it. In fact, each chair comes with a DVD with 3 full 20-minute workouts.

You can also find plenty more balance ball workout videos online for free. Keep in mind that if you currently have back pain, these fitness balls have several advantages.

For example, they work well for simply stretching, doing lower back pain exercises and to release tension and strain. I personally use my balance ball to perform back openers or back bends each morning for just about 30 seconds. It really helps my back feel less stiff after I wake up.

In the video below, pilates instructor Suzanne Deason demonstrates some simple movements. They can help stretch and strengthen the back, as well as promote proper alignment of the spine.

I also noticed that the Custom Fit Gaiam Chair has approximately the same price as the Classic Balance Ball Chair – but it (1) has adjustable legs and back and (2) comes with workout videos for no extra charge. Since the Classic version is not adjustable, it can only be used for people who are 5′ to 5’11” in height. Something to keep in mind while shopping.

By the way, these anti-burst balls last forever it seems. I have had mine for over 12 years, and it’s still going strong. It’s crazy to think I paid so little for something I get so much use out of.

In my opinion, I like this office chair best for reducing back pain. Not to mention, it costs less than any ergonomic desk chair you can buy. Having said that, a treadmill desk may work even better because it eliminates sitting altogether. Therefore, walking while you work prevents your body from getting stiff in one position for long periods of time.