Can Egoscue Exercises Fix Lower Back Pain?

The Egoscue Method is a form of non-medical therapy. It provides pain relief from health issues such as sciatica, a pinched nerve in the back, lower back pain and chronic pain. But should you use Egoscue exercises for lower back pain? We take a look…

Many times, the back pain we feel (especially chronic pain) results from years of poor posture and movement patterns. For example, long hours of sitting hunched over at a desk, driving, running and exercising using improper form.

What is the Egoscue Method?

Egoscue exercises consist of a set of movements to help improve one’s posture. In practicing these basic back stretches, a person can correct his or her posture and balance in the body. In turn, this practice helps the body move properly going forward. Then, you can help prevent pain issues from occurring again in the future.

Egoscue Exercises Have Several Benefits

This non-invasive therapy has grown in popularity for many reasons:

1. The program has already worked successfully for many people.

2. Egoscue is cost effective and in some cases saved patients from spending thousands of dollars on surgery or medication.

3. The exercises are easy to do at home without any special equipment.

4. In some cases provide back pain relief quickly – in a matter of days.

5. By improving one’s posture, future postural problems can be prevented before they start becoming painful.

If you are familiar with using yoga for back pain (like these 8 lower back pain exercises), this method will make a lot of sense to you. The movements are not strenuous, but rather they help relax the body so that it can “re-align” itself in a better position.

Common lower back issues that people experience include sciatic nerve pain, which can sometimes be a result of a pinched nerve in the lower vertebrae of the spinal cord. Relieving this pressure on the nerve can provide pain relief. If this is the case for a patient, the question is, “Which sciatic nerve treatment will you choose?”

From stretching on a stability ball to physical therapy appointments to inversion table therapy to chiropractic care to acupressure to cortisone shots, there are a variety of options. There is not one single “best” solution for everyone because each situation is unique, and therefore the treatment should be as well. That said, it is a good idea to become well-informed on the choices before making a final decision.

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Pete Egoscue is the man behind the Egoscue Method. He has established over 25 clinics around the world, helping people improve their posture and thereby decreasing their pain – naturally. He also hosted Pain Free Radio for about 9 years, which was nationally syndicated. You can listen to previously recorded episodes here.

If the name sounds familiar, it may because Pete is author of the popular book, “Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain”, which sells on Amazon.