Body Champ Inversion Table [ How to Save Money ]

Do you simply want to hang upside down without fancy features like heat, massage or lumbar support? The Body Champ Inversion Table can save you money, and it has a low price right around $100.

Body Champ Inversion Table  IT8070Body Champ IT8070

High Customer Rating

This Body Champ inversion table attracts lots of customers because it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can pay less as a trade-off by forgoing upgraded features.

While you don’t get a memory foam back, infrared heat, an exercise DVD or a lumbar support pillow, you do get a sturdy, durable inversion table. Users find it comfortable enough to use on a regular basis and get the inversion therapy that they need.

Plus, the sturdy frame allows you to perform upside down crunches without feeling like the device will tip over. In other words, you can lay back and relax, knowing that you saved so much money. =)

When shopping for cheap inversion tables, many people have concerns about the stability and security of the equipment. Just so you know, the Body Champ IT8070 comes with safety straps that let you easily control your inversion angle. Plus, it features security handrails.

You also can see the rubber feet on the base of the device to prevent slipping.

Note: In addition, large and tall people can use the Body Champ too. If you are 6’8″ tall and/or weigh 250 pounds, you can still use it.

Price: $229 $105

Body Max Inversion Table in Action

4 foam rollers are included to ensure a comfortable fit for your ankles and feet. The pull-pin adjustment system makes it easy to get in and out of the table, so you can unfold the device and be inverted in minutes. Go ahead – pick out some relaxing music to listen to!

Body May IT6000 Inversion Table

Body Max IT6000

Alternatively, you could get the Body Max IT6000, which has the same functionality and basic features of the Body Champ IT8070 above, but the backrest is nylon vs the padded backrest.

High Customer Rating

Overall, people say that they are impressed with the Body Max – possibly because they had lower expectations because of the low price tag. Essentially, it accomplishes the desired result: back stretching and relaxation.

Note: The max height of users is 6’3″ (while the Body Champ above can be used by people up to 6’8″ in height). It supports user weight up to 250 pounds. Some larger people report that they feel pressure on the ankle supports and that this device may be better suited for average to small sized people.

Price: $179 $110