Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table: Pros & Cons

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table Home TherapyIf you’re looking for a more “deluxe” inversion table that allows you to stretch out and strengthen in lots more ways – plus it can handle up to 600 lbs – this may be your machine.

As you have probably noticed already, the Health Mark Pro Max looks a little different.

This is because it enables users to lay on it both “face up” or “face down”. Traditional machines only allow users to lay face-up, which limits the stretches, movements and exercises that you can perform.

A key movement that people can do in the face-down position is the chest raise, hyperextension or “cobra” pose. This is a slight back bend which can help strengthen the back and core muscles and also provide a good stretch, especially while hanging in the inverted position.

The Health Mark Inversion Table does cost several hundred dollars more than other models for the extra functionality.

Therefore, it makes sense to buy it only if you plan on using it on a regular basis (to relax, decompress your spine, stimulate blood flow, improve your posture, etc..).

Honestly, I could get into the habit of doing oblique ab crunches on this device daily to get rid of my love handles. why not? When it’s at home, exercising can’t any more convenient than that!

The trick is to suck yourself into that core workout by starting off with a long, relaxing stretch. You don’t have to commit to doing any “work”, but once you’re relaxed, doing just a few exercises does become addicting (baby steps!).

Health Mark Inversion Table Angle SettingsYou can hang at the full 180 degree position, but there are also 5 other pre-set angles that you can choose. If you don’t want to hang completely upside down, no problem.

Personally, I prefer inverting for longer sessions at less of an incline sometimes. I don’t necessarily feel the need to hang at 180 degrees each time I get on the table.

When you have multiple angle options, you can really tailor your therapy to what is most comfortable for you and what gets you the most effective results.

By the way, the Health Mark Pro Max was originally designed for professional therapy businesses, but it is not available to regular people like you and me. I like the fact that I don’t have to pay to visit a practitioner to get this level of therapeutic equipment.

Ankle BracketsSomething to note:

If you have a masseuse who visits you in your home, he or she can perform massage work on your back while you are laying face-down inverted on this table.
Health mark Inversion TableThis bed is designed for ultimate comfort too – from the ankle brackets to the knee supports to the bed and headrest – everything’s padded.

The Specs:

  • 5 preset angles
  • 25 total height settings
  • supports up to 600 pounds
  • Measures 28″ wide x 58″ high x 45″ deep
  • 1-year warranty

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